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Potato Loops

Intense flavors have the edge

Our Potato Loops take consumers on an amazing taste rollercoaster. Surprise your customer with a crunchy experience and enjoy intense tastes from fresh onions and pure potatoes.

 Everyone will love these loops!

Your new kind of side

These funky loops take their rightful place and shine as your new side. The options are limitless. Go as far as your imagination will take you. Our loops’ funky shape is amazing to look at, more amazing to hold and they’re most amazing to eat.

​An easy to prepare premium side that gives your dish a twist and extra character. Doing its work as a great taste enhancer, our vegan loops provide premium natural taste with a high volume of fresh onions.

Versatile, practical and super tasty

A perfect side, but also great as a snack to share: potato loops are a star for all occasions.

On a stick or in between your burger …

See the many ways you can present them to your customer.

Potato loops with a burger

Have a look at our loops...

Potato loops
Food Service

Potato loops

One crunchy bite of authentic hashbrown & onion ring combined, delivering an exceptional crispness without any coating. Made from real shredded potatoes & fresh onions. These ring's are quick & easy to prepare in the (air) fryer, oven or even a toaster. The number of applications are endless, but we like them most in between our burgers.

Curious about this trend and the right potato products that come with it?