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What’s new in Potato Paradise? Discover deep dives into the retail and food service markets, read our expert takes on market developments and see how we evolve as a company.

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Convenience seekers love easy excellence

The biggest consumer audience in all markets? The group of convenience seekers, often comprising busy individuals or families. Being faced with the limitations of the 24-hour day, they prioritize convenience and time-saving solutions when it comes to their food choices. However, this does not mean they want to compromise on taste or quality.

Success story - POTATO UTOPIA

Potatoes reimagined. It’s the fitting tagline of Australian challenger brand POTATO UTOPIA. They believe—as we do—that food should be experiential. Potatoes take center stage, no longer seen as purely functional food. POTATO UTOPIA uses perfect storytelling, seamlessly integrating their online and offline communications, to create an interrelation where brand and product lift each other to new highs.

Intertwining your offline and online brand

We see that private labels are evolving into challenger or powerhouse brands, which calls for a clear positioning. However, the lines between offline and online cease to exist. As a brand it is key to bridge the gap and make sure the brand identity is consistent, connected and integrated across the board. Because your online (lack of) presence will affect your in offline, in store conversion.

Continued retail success calls for construction of challenger brands

Customer brands and challenger brands keep taking market share away from traditional brands. Because customer and challenger brands have evolved. But they will have to keep evolving if they intend to continue this rise: whereas in the very beginning there has been a focus on volume, Challenger brands are shifting towards value.

The steep rise of store brands: a temporary shift in consumer preferences or the new normal?

Consumer choices are always changing. And the battle between private labels and traditional brands has intensified. Actually, private labels have been steadily gaining ground for decades. But they’ve gained even more momentum in recent years. What’s at the root of all this and, more importantly, will this shift towards private label become a long-term evolution?

How to cook travel-proof fries for home delivery

Want to (pre)serve the perfect fries for home delivery? We have some tips in store for you that will allow your fries to reach the customer just as tasty as when you sent them out of the kitchen. 10 simple tips can go a long way in keeping your takeout fries super crispy for up to 30 minutes, even after reheating!

Consumers are feeling snacky

What drives our need to share some snacks

Agristo trendwatch 2024 in the foodservice industry


Agristo trendwatch 2024 for retail

Let us take you through the 3 main values that influences significantly today’s consumer behavior.

Powerful packaging for private label

You’d be surprised to hear how many shoppers wait to pick their brand when they’re standing between the isles. This makes the influence of good packaging a powerful weapon for private label as shoppers look for visual taste reassurance. Check out some of our suggested tips to boost buyer intent.
About Agristo

How our potatoes grow

Those delicious fries we make? It all starts with the seed potatoes. Seeds that have the strength to sprout. So, at first, the fields look empty. All you spot are the typical mounds. Because the seed’s first priority is taking root in search of water.

SOS Kitchen: How to overcome staffing challenges with frozen convenience

In the landscape of the culinary industry, the shortage of skilled kitchen staff has become an increasingly challenging issue for chefs and restaurant owners. While some may count themselves among the fortunate few who have successfully navigated the turbulent waters of staffing woes, many others are left grappling with the dilemma of maintaining consistency, quality, and efficiency in their kitchens. Enter freshly frozen products: making good use of frozen products will alleviate the burden of staffing challenges but also elevate the overall dining experience for both chefs and customers.

The evolution of private label: from cheaper alternative to prime differentiator

Private label today continues to thrive and grow. In the European markets we see private label taking around 38.1% market share, while it’s reaching the 20% mark in the US market. A shift in strategy and economic developments keep fueling its success. Back in the earlier years, private label was a whole different ball game. Let’s dive into the history of private label.

The future belongs to private label

Private label market value in Central Europe is growing at a steady pace (+2.1%) and analysts see the private label’s market value growing at an even bigger rate this year (+2.4%). Why? The explanation is multifold, and goes beyond what you might suspect.