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Have you ever tasted our fries made from potatoes at the centre of the European potato belt?
It’s pure potato perfection. Comforting. Warm. Delicious.
We make potato inspired delight and spread potato love all over the world.
Frying up success on a global scale while staying true to our family roots.

How we create your bright yellow business


Your private label solution

Differentiate, distinguish or dominate. As your Category Partner, we develop your store brand in line with your brand proposition, covering all consumer-need states.

Your food service solution

We give chefs a way to make their meals more than memorable. We make it unforgettable. Get to lead, innovate and co-create your signature potato products.

Become a Potatoholic

Help create happiness on a plate

We cultivate growth, providing our employees with meaningful opportunities to develop a stellar career within our thriving company. Let’s grow together. Because at Agristo, the fry is the limit.

Are you looking for an environment where you can grow?

Potato inspired concepts

Composing mashes made in heaven

Keeping our eyes peeled, we sniff out the latest and greatest market trends and opportunities. In the meantime, our R&D potato enthusiasts are busy creating today’s novelties catered to fulfil tomorrow’s consumer desires.

Food service

Sidewinders® fries

So much more than a side



Make your holidays memorable with our special culinary creations designed to bring joy to your celebrations.


Snack time could be anytime

Snack time knows no bounds – explore our concept where tasty bites are a delight, anytime, anywhere.

Food service

Potato Loops

Intense flavors have the edge

Food service


Experience culinary convenience at its finest with our innovative Convenience concept.


Air fryer

Elevate your cooking with the Air Fryer concept, delivering delicious and healthier meals with a crispy finish.

Potatoes around the world

Potatoes around the world

Embark on a global culinary journey as we explore the diverse and delicious world of potatoes.

In the picture


The future belongs to private label

Private label market value in Central Europe is growing at a steady pace (+2.1%) and analysts see the private label’s market value growing at an even bigger rate this year (+2.4%). Why? The explanation is multifold, and goes beyond what you might suspect.
Potato concept

Snack time could be anytime

Snack time knows no bounds – explore our concept where tasty bites are a delight, anytime, anywhere.

Sidewinders® fries

Sidewinders® fries with chicken and beans

Embark on a culinary adventure with our chicken and beans Sidewinders® fries recipe, packed with flavor and delight.

The fry is the limit

Whatever you need, we have it, or we can create it. We're specialized in custom-made products, but also have a large range of out-of-the-box products.

Chef's chunky chips

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