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As a Food Service player, it’s good to be good in fries.

We give you more than premium quality products. As Agristo helps build your food service brand, you can come to us for expert advice from our in-house team of Culinary Advisors on how to integrate our products into your customers’ menu. This’ll allow us to understand each other better, so we can service your needs better.

Yes, you’re wise to choose Agristo and differentiate or expand your supplier options. But here, you get much more, because we value your business. On top of competitive pricing, you can expect consistency across the board.


Consistent quality

You don’t need to worry about getting three different cuts or qualities in one bag. You get what you ask for. We provide product harmony.

Consistent volume

Your business is growing and you need more supply? Chances are good we got you covered. In light of our long-term strategic goals, all of our yearly profits flow back into further (production) expansion of the company.
consistent range

Consistent range

We innovate and create products that are here to stay. If you opt for one of our special products, you can count on it being available in the faraway future. And we can make it especially for your brand. Your signature fry.
consistent service

Consistent service

From a personal Account Manager to just-in-time delivery, our organization keeps short tabs on your deliveries and desires. Expect a smooth flow with digitised handling.

Shake up the industry

Making things easier, making things hipper, or simply helping making your dishes better. See what food service solutions and attractive product novelties Agristo is developing.

Food service


Discover the future of culinary innovation with the Smart Chef, revolutionizing the art of cooking.

Food service

Sidewinders® fries

So much more than a side

Food service


Experience culinary convenience at its finest with our innovative Convenience concept.

What our clients say

As a family-owned company, we are proud to have our potato products packed by Agristo. We take pride in the quality and value in serving them to our customers and families.

Moses and Guadalupe DeLira

HidrocaLira Inc., Mexico

We’ve had the pleasure to work with Agristo for almost 15 years. The growth has been impressive, but what’s more impressive is the team that Agristo has assembled to promote its growth and commitment to their customers. Agristo’s quality is a given, and the New Product pipeline continues to excite, leading the potato category in innovation.

Jeff Preston

Managing Director, VLM Foods (USA)

At Sepco, we value highly both the quality of our products and the relationships we build with our suppliers: Agristo are one of our long-term suppliers, satisfying both requirements with ease. Their products are a highlight in our portfolio and their staff are a credit to their company and the values both our companies share.



Agristo has been a core supplier for many years, providing high quality fries. Continued innovation and delivering value-adding items has kept our catalog fresh and relevant as markets changed. Agristo’s great communication through challenging market times, such as covid, was key in sustaining our fry business, even growing with many products.

Food Service Customer


Agristo is the best in the business! A perfect combination of professionalism and the personal touch that makes dealing with their people an absolute pleasure! They make it easy to grow a customer brand in challenging markets.

Rick De Villiers

Senior Buyer Offshore/International procurement, Indian Ocean Export Company (South-Africa)

Agristo is the best partner for us! Always driven to improve and innovate better for service, quality and investment. Transparency in a relationship is also important. We know we can always count on them.

Food Service & Retail Customer


The unique combination of the premium quality of Agristo´s products and the Agristo team´s professionalism and flexibility has made the outcome of our partnership with Agristo successful. This partnership is an undeniable asset to our business. We look forward to future endeavors with Agristo.

Rowena Anderson

Export Manager, Carmo Food (for Philippines)

For many years, working closely with Agristo feels like working with family. Over the years we got to know one another very well. This working relationship makes doing business together a real pleasure. Going the extra mile with open lines of communication.

Food Service Customer


Setting yourself aside

We give you more than premium quality products catered to the needs of your chefs. We help build your food service brand. Whether you need a suggestion for a paired menu, want deeper insights into the taste preferences of your market or you desire a signature product developed just for your chain: Agristo can help you reach your goals.

  • Steady supply with a consistent product

  • Deeper market understanding and diversified range

  • Standing out with your exclusive, signature product

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