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Agristo launches clothing line for employees

Potato processing company Agristo developed a clothing line for its employees. "For years, our Potatoholics have shown themselves to be proud brand ambassadors. With the clothing line they can now also physically express their golden yellow pride on the job and in the streets", says Francesca Derkinderen, Communications Manager at Agristo.

When designing the clothing, a conscious choice was made for a contemporary urban style. The line includes T-shirts, sweaters, a hat, a cap and socks in trendy Agristo yellow, with neutral white and black variants. "The goal was not to design a rigid clothing line that reminds you of a 'work uniform.' The clothing exudes a casual, urban vibe. We hope we will see our golden yellow beanies a lot in street life", Francesca said. Agristo launched its new clothing line with a photo shoot where some Potatoholics were able to show off these sleek clothes.

Potatoholics unite!

Wear your golden pride with Agristo's urban-style clothing line.