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Sidewinders® fries

So much more than a side

Consumers want to be able to choose. They crave an alternative option, they crave a second fry. When speaking fries, your second fry should be a supreme fry. One ready to take center stage. Lifting your menu while maximizing profitability. Meet our Sidewinders® fries.

Curious to see how it would fit into your menu?

Check out our designs in different themes that put these tasty Sidewinders® fries in the spotlight. 

What sets it aside?

Its shape. Providing you that golden combination as you experience pure potato taste thanks to a generous, fluffy middle and a super crispy texture on the outer ends. We give it some extra crisp by adding a gluten-free layer, helping create a rustic look. Furthermore, plate coverage is over 40% better compared to regular fries.

Endless applications

The options go as far as your imagination dares to take you.


A snack to share...


or standalone side

You can dip it...

or load it...

Visually enticing and irresistibly crispy, exclusively Foodservice Europe & UK

Good plate coverage

Easy to personalize/pimp

Unique shape

Perfect to share & dip

Multiple occasions

How we make it shine

Dive straight into one of our proposed recipes where our Sidewinders® fries make the entire dish stand out.


Sidewinders® fries with a burger

Discover the perfect pairing of juicy burgers and crispy Sidewinders® fries in this mouthwatering recipe guide.
SIDEWINDERS ® fries with avocado toast

Sidewinders ® fries with avocado toast

Elevate your brunch game with a delightful combination of Sidewinders ® fries and creamy avocado toast. A savory breakfast twist!
Sidewinders® fries

Sidewinders® fries with chicken and beans

Embark on a culinary adventure with our chicken and beans Sidewinders® fries recipe, packed with flavor and delight.

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