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Putting people at the center

Our ambitions as we joined the international stage didn’t change who we are. We’re a family business at heart, and that’s what we’ll remain. As the third generation took over the helm in 2018, the warm family values of Agristo stand as high as ever. So, our most precious asset are our employees—which we fondly dubbed our Potatoholics. Your employer can never be your family, but we try to be the next best thing.

Having fun, feeling good

As a people-centric organization we believe better human experiences and a continuous drive to do better as individuals and as a collective leads to greater resilience and positive growth. We invest every day in creating a safer working environment that is pleasant to work in. The phrase ‘zich jeunen’, which means to have fun and feel good in West-Flemish, is very important to us. Because the more our Potatoholics enjoy themselves on the job, the better the end product will taste.

Building a career within Agristo

We nurture an environment that provides ample opportunities for growth, giving our employees a chance to decide themselves how they wish to grow. Either within their function as they hone their skills or evolving and broadening their expertise. In a modern working world where ever more people think that in order to advance their career they have to look elsewhere, we do everything we can to promote internal mobility.

Shared values is our differentiator

We see to it that our Potatoholics all share the values we’ve been propagating since the very beginning: they all share an open mind, care for each other, are driven to do better and can see the bigger picture long term. This mixture contributes to a truly unique working atmosphere that helps us stand out in a scarce labor market.