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Convenience seekers love easy excellence

The biggest consumer audience in all markets? The group of convenience seekers, often comprising busy individuals or families. Being faced with the limitations of the 24-hour day, they prioritize convenience and time-saving solutions when it comes to their food choices. However, this does not mean they want to compromise on taste or quality.

The convenience seekers make up around a third (or more) of most big markets. They love to have fun and crave indulgence, but either due to lack of time or wanting to spend their time on more important things, like bonding with the kids. This group is looking to the frozen aisle to cover both the time and quality demands.

What plays into these demands?

Our frozen potato products answer a multitude of convenience and time related issues:

  • Easy to portion: thanks to sized cubes of mash or portioned gratins, it’s incredibly easy to portion dishes for individual or small-batch cooking.

  • Longer shelf life: enabling people to keep a wider variety of products in their freezer for easy access to diverse dishes.

  • Emergency solution: cramped for time or the stores are already closed? Frozen convenience are the perfect answer when you’re having a culinary emergency.

Frozen potato categories for convenience seekers

As stated, convenience seekers don’t want to trade in time gain for quality loss. Indulgence and craving are still key motivations. Our potato products that cater to this audience, as well as to the ‘ultimate taste seekers’, another large consumer segment that floats around 20%, focuses on providing a premium experience.

Products offering a premium experience are perceived as high-end and would be either very time-consuming or require moderate to advanced cooking skills to make fresh. Think of luxury mash that already contains milk, butter and seasoning, croquettes, sweet potato fries or gratins, which can be very hard to make.

In-house research shows the search for convenience with good taste is linked to our human drive to feel positive emotions. The frozen potato category shows to be perfect for mood management, answering the need for food indulgence and lifestyle convenience.