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Agristo trendwatch 2024 for retail

Let us take you through the 3 main values that influences significantly today’s consumer behavior.
Tasty trend #1 for retailers

Value of connection

People want to maximize enjoyment of shared moments.


of consumers want to enjoy consumption with family and friends.


of consumers prioritize spend on special food and beverages for shared home consumption.


increase in everyday shared mealtimes as opposed to eating alone.


  • Capture the right moments

    Snacks and light meals at home are becoming increasingly popular.
  • Replicate out of home experience

    When eating at home, people want to replicate the out of home experience. Retailers need to reframe the level of enjoyment for their products.
  • Connect through taste and packaging

    4 out of 5 shoppers connect with brands on the spot and look for reassurance in taste and packaging.
Tasty trend #2 for retailers

Value of freedom

Emotional value outweighs the value of pricing: when facing a budget crisis, consumers are still

willing to buy less costly luxury goods. Pleasure manifests itself as an intrinsic need, as people

look to spoil themselves with everyday moments of happiness.


  • Rethink your tiered approach

    Consumers crave the freedom to indulge, retailers have to make sure they offer the right private label architecture, with choice between price-entry, mid and premium tiers.
  • Influence shopping habits

    Consumers use tech and non-traditional sources to look for advice on shopping habits. They are indirectly targeted by influencers, which tends to give shoppers the illusion of choice.
Tasty trend #3 for retailers

Value of time

Retailers need to think ahead and take convenience to the next level. How can we make our consumer save on time? By giving clear guidance on how to prepare the product as fast and easy as possible.


  • Include all prep methods

    A sizeable portion of retailers forget to include a full range of preparation methods on the product packaging, for instance for air fryer usage. Clear instructions will provide shoppers clear buyer incentive.