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Freshly frozen vs. fresh - A chef's guide to making the right choice

As chefs in the foodservice industry, we’re no strangers to the eternal debate: fresh versus frozen. Traditionally, fresh produce has been hailed as the gold standard, but times have changed. Enter freshly frozen food. A game-changer that deserves a closer look. Let’s dive into why they’re not just an alternative but a smart choice for your kitchen.

Freshly frozen finishes first: breaking down the myths

  1. Less waste, more sustainability

    Less waste: Food waste is a growing concern for consumers. Freshly frozen products have a distinct advantage here. With fresh food the clock is often ticking (think 14-day shelf life), while our frozen offerings last up to two years. That’s less waste and more peace of mind.

    Total solution: Freshly frozen isn’t just a complement to fresh – you could also utilize it as a complete solution. Plus, since our products are pre-fried, you’ll save on oil too.

  2. Streamlined labor

    Say goodbye to prep hassles: Fresh food prep can be a labor-intensive marathon. But with freshly frozen options, you’re cutting out the chopping, peeling, and blanching. Our pre-fried, pre-cut, and heat-and-serve products take the pressure off your kitchen team.

    Financial relief: Labor costs add up. By opting for frozen, you’re freeing up resources – both human and financial – to focus on creativity and service.

The flavorful advantages of freshly frozen

  • Crispy delight

    • Crispiness that lasts: Our freshly frozen fries have a secret weapon – they stay crispy! While fresh fries lose their crunch within minutes, our range of Super Crispy products retain their crisp for up to 30 minutes, even after reheating.
  • Consistency with hearts

    • Creature of habit: Diners crave consistency. Freshly frozen ensures uniform cut sizes and quality across every plate. No surprises, just satisfied taste buds. • Quality assurance: Whether it’s a busy lunch rush or a special event, you can rely on the same great taste every time.
  • Creative freedom

    • Play with possibilities: Our range of freshly frozen options gives you the freedom to experiment. Want exciting cuts and sizes? You got it. Elevate your dishes without compromising on quality. • Spice it up: From loaded fries to gourmet toppings, the freezer is your canvas. Let your culinary imagination run wild.

In conclusion: freshly frozen is a plate-perfect choice

Freshly frozen fries have come a long way. Today’s technologies blur the line between fresh and frozen on the plate. So, why not embrace the benefits? Less waste, streamlined labor, cost-effectiveness, and unbeatable crunch – it’s all there. As chefs, let’s make the smart choice: freshly frozen. Your kitchen, your diners, and your bottom line will thank you.