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Success story - POTATO UTOPIA

Potatoes reimagined. It’s the fitting tagline of Australian challenger brand POTATO UTOPIA. They believe—as we do—that food should be experiential. Potatoes take center stage, no longer seen as purely functional food. POTATO UTOPIA uses perfect storytelling, seamlessly integrating their online and offline communications, to create an interrelation where brand and product lift each other to new highs.

Exciting, experiential, experimental

POTATO UTOPIA wants to make food in the home more exciting. How? With potatoes, naturally. People still anchor potatoes as a functional food. But potatoes are much more. Potatoes are fun, tasty and super versatile. The challenger brand lifts the image of potatoes as a side, making them the main star of the show. Clean packaging with great focus on the product show its unlimited potential, backed up by inspirational content on social media.

Food influencing and a prominent product

The front of the packaging almost shows no copy, except the exact product description and a key USP. This leaves plenty of room to prominently showcase the product. Every unique product starts from the same basic potato, as is shown in the visual. Versatile indeed. The back further builds on the standalone power of the product by showing a serving suggestion with the product itself as the main ingredient. Thanks to a QR code you get to access socials filled with many more inspirational dishes where the product is served as a reimagined standalone dish or as a side with a fun twist.

POTATO UTOPIA has been introduced to the Australian market in 2021 and already claimed a well-defined position within the frozen category. As a challenger brand, it has a select number of 10 premium products that fit within 4 different categories. Embracing the approach in your store with the core, the brand knows which audiences to target, develops fitting content for all channels and can put its full focus on further strengthening its core range.

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