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Crispy mini roast potatoes

Crispy mini roast potatoes

Taste the crispy goodness!
Introducing Crispy Mini Roast Potatoes! Our expertly crafted potato cuts are golden, tender, and irresistibly crunchy. Paired with a bravas sauce, they deliver a bold and satisfying flavor experience. Indulge in the perfect snack or shareable delight.
  • Extreme crispness
  • Free from gluten
  • Clean label
  • Perfect to share & dip
  • Multiple preparation methods

Cooking instructions


18 to 21 min at 200°C. Turn halfway through cooking time (spreading the product single layer on baking plate covered with baking paper)


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Crispy mini roast potatoes with cheddar sauce

Crispy mini roast potatoes with cheddar sauce

Savor the crunch of Crispy Mini Roast Potatoes paired with delectable Cheddar Sauce.

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