Fries, croquettes, parts, röstis or mashed potatoes: our range of potato specialties is unlimited. Let yourself be seduced by the 1001 ideas and possibilities the potato offers.

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From potato to fries or croquettes, from grower to consumer.
How does Agristo do it? Discover our story ...

Endless opportunities

We offer an extremely varied range of fries and derived products. Moreover we can develop a made to measure solution for each customer.

Throughout the years we have succeeded in developing a wide range of frozen potato products, both cut or specialities.The search of our R&D specialists for new preparations and variations together with the wishes, dreams or creativity of the customer, in addition to the market and consumer trends ensure that we always find innovations for the client, both the retailer and the food service. At the moment ‘convenience’ is the magic word … a trend that Agristo bears in mind.

Endless opportunities

Focus on own brands

As ‘private label’ producer Agristo is the partner of retail and food service players worldwide. Whereas retailers used to choose their own brand as a price breaker, today they use it to distinguish themselves.

Focus on own brands
The composition of our products is entirely made to measure to fit the customer’s taste. Our flexibility concerning packing also offers the client numerous possibilities. We have all you need, from entry level to premium products.


We like to create a customized product
for each customer.

Quality check throughout the process

The principal raw material for the production of frozen potato products is the potato. Its quality decides what the final product will be like. That’s why we automatically take samples of all the supplies of potatoes to check quality. Only the potatoes that meet the highest requirements are processed.


During the production process different parameters are controlled continuously and adjusted by computerized apparatuses in order to guarantee constant quality. We only use unhardened vegetable oils that do not contain transgress acids and thus are healthier.

Finally the laboratories take samples of the packed product and do a final check. These samples are submitted to micro biological, chemical, physical and organoleptic controls. In this way we guarantee that each fresh product on the market meets the most severe standards and requirements.

Large production capacity

Agristo manages the complete chain of production, from plants to distribution. In this way we guarantee very high quality and flexibility. Our modern and well-equipped buildings have a state of the art machinery park.


Thanks to sophisticated technology and strong automation we can offer high quality products at very interesting conditions. The entire process is characterized by fast deliveries, flexible production lines and perfect traceability of products and ingredients.


Agristo guarantees quality.

Today’s consumers are critical. And rightly so. Only the best products guarantee full satisfaction. Quality, food security, hygiene and authenticity are high on our agenda.

Each site has BRC and IFS certificates. These and the numerous quality checks at each step of the production process, from raw material to sending, prove that quality is not just an empty promise. We guarantee full traceability from the consumer’s fork to the field.

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